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Mexico / Germany 2012

s16mm transferred to DCP, 20" (B&W/sound)

Mr. Jocotot, a philosophy and aesthetics professor, has just collected final exams from his students and, unlike most other days, decides to take a taxi home. As he reaches the end of Avenida Progreso, a prominent street in Mexico City, he will come up against corruption and learn a lesson from ignorance.

With: Nathalia Acevedo | Diego Barruecos | Germán Decentis | Jaime Meléndez

Written & directed: Mauricio Guillén

Production: MMK | S.F.S.

Production Company: Destiempo Films, Goya Films

Photography: Diego Garcia

Edition: Kattia Calero

Sound: Loretta Ratto

Original music: Florian Hecker | Arnold Schönberg

Animation: Art Digital, New

Art Direction: Mauricio Guillén