"At once an hommage and an obituary for Paris"

Juliane Rebentisch

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Germany / France 2015-2019

DCP, 20" (colour / sound)

The film subscribes itself in the cinematic tradition of portraits de ville. A genre best represented by films like: Ménilmontant (Dimitri Kirsanoff 1926), Aubervilliers (Eli Lotar 1946), Of Time and the City (Terrence Davies 2008). It takes as its point of departure the etchings Eaux-Fortes Sur Paris by Charles Méryon, and draws a parallel between the quickly transforming Paris under the rule of Napolieon the third and baron de Haussmann, and Paris of 2015 shortly after the terrorist attacks and transitioning into the Greater Paris under François Hollande.

With: Élise Farrell, Nils Edström and Sadibou Dedhiou

Written & directed by: Mauricio Guillén

Executive producers: Hessische Kultur Stiftung / FNAGP / Zwei Schwestern / SFS

Assistant Director: Natalia Durcrey.

Cinematography: Christophe Clavert.

Direct sound: Henri Maïkoff.

Editing: Marylou Vergez.

Original Music: Éliane Radigue.